Our Story


The Laguna Tribe Waterman brand was established in the mid 1990's by three friends from Laguna Beach, California  who spent most of their days on, around, or in the water.
These avid waterman shared an enthusiasm for water related activities and wanted to create a high-end performance apparel line that fit their active lifestyle.

We manufacture everything in the US, providing custom designed active apparel and accessories to outdoor enthusiasts and athletes.
We live and breathe the outdoor life style,  therefore sustainability is of utmost importance and we are dedicated to creating gear that is eco-conscious and helps to preserve our environment.
All our waterman jersey’s are made from fabric spun from fibers made out of recycled plastic waterbottles. We are helping to take waterbottles out of our landfills and give them purpose again; which helps to preserve our beautiful Earth.

All of our products are made with you in mind - combining fit, comfort, function, and fashion for your active lifestyle and adventures.
May you live your life to the fullest and support the eco-friendly LAGUNA TRIBE life.

The Logo Mark

The Laguna Tribe hook symbol represents the "Makau" which is a Hawaiian Fish hook pendant used in ancient times to find food. They are hand carved and worn by Hawaiian fishermen as a symbol of their prowess to catch fish and provide food for their families. Today, the wearing of these "Makau" represents many good blessings in life: strength, prosperity, and good luck. The centerpiece of our logo is the outline of the city limits Laguna Beach, California; the birthplace of Laguna Tribe. The third aspect of this logo - the semi curved line on the left of the makau hook, is the water symbol of a wave rolling onto the shores of Laguna Beach.


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